About EV-Chron

Introducing EV-Chron, a revolutionary company at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. We have developed cutting-edge mobile app-controlled EV chargers that offer seamless charging experiences. Our two-sided marketplace connects EV charge providers with parking locations and apartment dwellers seeking convenient EV charging solutions.

Our mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, serves as a central hub for EV owners, enabling them to effortlessly locate nearby charging stations, initiate charging sessions, and monitor the progress in real-time. With EV-Chron's user-friendly interface, EV owners have complete control over their charging experience, making it convenient, efficient, and stress-free.

In addition to our advanced charging infrastructure, we have built a robust two-sided marketplace that empowers EV charge providers to expand their reach and revenue streams while providing apartment dwellers and EV owners with convenient charging options. Through our marketplace, EV owners can easily find and reserve charging spots in their buildings or nearby parking locations.

Join EV-Chron today and be a part of the electric vehicle revolution. Together, we can drive towards a greener, cleaner future, one charge at a time.

EVChron Parking Image